Episode 74: Never Again


Did they or didn’t they? This week Kate & Tracey talk the
sometimes controversial Never Again. The ladies get deep in
discussion about all things Scully, her life and her
relationships. Tracey has an analysis about an iconic moment
between Mulder and Scully, while Kate makes a revelation
about a certain scene that was cut…


2 thoughts to “Episode 74: Never Again”

  1. Hello Kate & Tracey! Thank you for your podcast! I’m new to the podcast game, and boy, I’m happy that you guys exist!

    I’ve listened to this episode today. You mentioned the rose petal that Scully picks up and looks at intently. I think the petal represents her life; it was once lively and vibrant, and it wilts over time. I think that’s how she feels about her life after spending years working with Mulder and she’s dying inside.

    This is how I interpret it. It’s been many months since you guys made a podcast on this episode. I’m sure someone would have commented on the same thing already. Do you have new insights since? Please share.

    1. Hi Cali! No new insights on what Scully holding the rose petal means, but I love your interpretation. I never thought of it that way.

      Thank you so much for listening and I hope you keep enjoying our show 🙂 Be sure to follow us on facebook and/or twitter where we post lots of x-files things each day! – Kate

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