Episode 28: Babylon – XFiles Revival


In an episode where Kate, Tracey, Hailey and Kirsty wonder if they should have ingested Magic Mushrooms before watching, the ladies manage to reconcile the best and worst of what Babylon has to offer and its commentary on love and hate.

Keep an ear out for the the return of our popular discussions “In defense of Chris Carter” and “I agree with you but…” Plus we answer some more of your X-Files questions!

Please be aware this episode will contain spoilers for 10×05 Babylon and general chatter about previous seasons. You have been warned!


2 thoughts to “Episode 28: Babylon – XFiles Revival”

  1. Ladies, i’my listening to your podcast right now, and wanted to comment on your discussion about whether our fears about Islam have evolved or is this episode fear mongering. A very important facet you are missing about this is the setting: Texas. I live in Dallas, Texas, and I found this episode to be a social commentary not only about American fears about Islam in the Southern US, but very specifically in Texas. The hate portrayed in this episode by Americans/Texas is very mellow. In fact, I would call the actual hate and fear in Texas for Muslims to be radical. I think this was CC’s mirror to the country about radical hate in the South, particularly Texas.

    Lovery your show and I listen every week. I love The X-Files and i’m happy about the reboot, even if it has some weaknesses. TTIOT!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Jackie! Glad you enjoy our show 🙂

      Your comment about the hate in Texas portrayed in this ep being mellow was interesting for us. Obviously we can’t comment on the social climate over there since we only know what we know about America from potentially misleading media. Aspects of what was portrayed in the episode were not dissimilar to hatred people have in Australia too. Its unfortunate we can all find something familiar in that.

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