Episode 25: Founders Mutation – X Files Revival


It’s a double podcast this week as the first two episodes of The X-Files revival air back to back. In today’s podcast, Kate, Col, Hailey and Kirsty discuss “Founders Mutation” an episode that was a hit with everyone … well almost everyone.

Creepy children, creepy doctors, self mutilating scientists and Scully snark. Episode two had all the makings of a classic X-File. But there were some questions that still needed answering like, why did we feel like we were thrust into the middle of a season? Why doesn’t Mulder drive? Is Scully still a surgical assistant? Why were Mulder and Scully’s outfits so matchy-matchy?

All this and more, including a detailed discussion of *those* dream sequences, you know the ones.

Please be aware that this episode will contain spoilers for 10×02 Founders Mutation and general chatter about previous seasons. You have been warned!


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