Episode 23: Fearful Symmetry and Dod Kalm

This week on Filed Under X we tackle another pair of mediocre season 2 episodes in the form of Fearful Symmetry and Dod Kalm. We welcome a new host, our friend Kirsty, who joins Kate on this last regular podcast before the X-Files Revival.

Fearful Symmetry is widely disliked among fans and X-Files crew, so as they ladies approach it with an open mind, did they find it better than its reputation? Invisible Tigers, a strong conservation message and … elephant autopsies? Whats not to like? Apparently a lot. Dod Kalm, a bottle episode that lacks the punch of Ice or Darkness Falls, raises one important question. What does snow-globe water taste like?


2 thoughts to “Episode 23: Fearful Symmetry and Dod Kalm”

  1. What a particularly enviable episode this was to listen to! 😀
    Highlights include: at the 50 m 20 s a random squeaky noise is made yet neither of you acknowledge it or even pause when it happens which was hilarious. You guys over-killed using the word “shippy” or its conjugated variants which is not a term I’ve heard previously as an American. Also, I’m surprised you didn’t mention that the title for Død Kalm derives from the Australian film “Dead Calm” which incidentally is one of the most popular Australian movies at least in America along with Babe and Happy Feet.

    1. Haha. The squeak was a dog toy! I just thought I could sneak it by and no one would notice.

      Dead Calm is a Nicole Kidman movie and the reason I wouldn’t mention it. I don’t like her.

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