Episode 21: Die Hand Die Verletzt and Fresh Bones

It’s a brand new year and a brand new podcast! But not much has changed for Filed Under X. We’re still your best podcast where Aussies and a Kiwi talk X-Files!

In our most digressional podcast yet, Tracey and Kate navigate their way through another set of lacklustre season 2 episodes. While Tracey enjoys the classic horror of Die Hand, Die Verletzt, Kate find its difficult to get into the occult themed ep. But at least they manage to amuse themselves with many mispronunciations of Azazel, as well as the question of who actually called the demon. In Fresh Bones, they struggle with their knowledge of voodoo, conflict in Haiti and the meaning of black cats. All this and much more fun, including the famed X-Files quiz! Has Tracey’s reputation as a terrible quizee finally changed? Tune in to find out!!


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