Episode 19: Firewalker, Red Museum and Excelsis Dei

Its another kind of threesome on Filed Under X this week. This time, Hailey and Kate tackle three episodes just in time for your drive home for this Holiday Season!

When they’re faced with three lacklustre eps, the ladies wonder how their favourite show managed to survive as long as it did. What was the point of the Firewalker, exactly? And was the ‘creature’ in the episode really the grossest prop of the time or just an excuse for a phallic fungi? Red Museum is supposed to be a mythology ep, but with so many themes and plotlines, can the ladies untangle this confusing mess? Finally in Excelsis Dei, they tackle the more serious topics the episode skims over and fails to deliver on.

All this, plus the weekly tie report, a triple quiz for Hailey and much, much more!


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