Episode 18: 3 and One Breath

This week on episode 18 of your weekly Aussie X-Files chat, Tracey, Col & Hailey take to the show unsupervised! What do you think the ladies talked about without Kate? Mulder, Mulder, Mulder, of course!

Differing opinions arise with the discussion of ‘3’ … who thinks its not that bad and who thinks its still one of the worst episodes of the series? And how many vampire cliches can they spot? Scully’s back in ‘One Breath’ (but its still all about Mulder). The ladies talk about the alternative name for the ep and the idea of Mulder and Melissa Scully having a relationship, was it a good idea or a bad one? Their thoughts may surprise you. Plus theres all things life and death, the weekly tie report and much, much more!

It’s another great episode of the best X-Files podcast this side of the equator!


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