Episode 13: Roland and The Erlenmeyer Flask

This week in your Aussie themed X-Files discussion, we are at the season 1 finale! Hailey and Kate talk Roland and The Erlenmeyer Flask. Hailey is sad that we’re already through the first season, Kate isnt so much, find out why!

Science, science, science! There’s lots of science in these two episodes and the ladies become frustrated with how its over-explained for the audience.

In Roland the ladies praise the work of Željko Ivanek and tell stories about liquid nitrogen. They try to figure out where Roland’s vision are coming from and what they mean.

With The Erlenmeyer Flask, the self dubbed Mythology Queens try to piece together the episode with where it fits into the series in the future. They question whether Deep Throat should have been a full time character and Kate has some interesting facts about how The X-Files almost came to an end after this episode.

There’s also lots of 90s nostalgia in this episode including video tabs, paper dolls and men the ladies crushed on as teenagers.

Its more exciting than an alien foetus!


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