Episode 12: Tooms and Born Again.

This week on your weekly Aussie chat about The X-Files, Skinner has arrived! Kate and Col (but lets face it, mostly just Kate) are thrilled to talk about the debut of the big bald beautiful man! Kate has facts about Skinner and both ladies have a story about meeting Mitch Pileggi in Melbourne.

However, as much as Kate would like it to be, this weeks episode isn’t just about Skinner. Also in the podcast they talk about the Tooms stake-out scene, is it in their top Mulder and Scully moments of all time? They discuss the confusion between canon and fanon and how Col constantly mixes up to the two. Eventually they get to Born Again which fails to generate any excitement between them. Is this the worst episode of season 1?

More fun than a creepy kid, we hope you enjoy episode 12!


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