Episode 82: Elegy


As Kate and Hailey sob and sigh their way through all the sad Scully moments in Elegy this week, they also debate whether or not the ep is classified as mytharc or monster of the week. When the discussion turns to how Mulder is once again making everything about him, a shock twist of events sees Kate defending her least favourite Agent. You’ll need to be sitting for this episode!


Episode 79: Synchrony

This week Kate and Col tackle the big questions in Synchrony like, if you could go back in time and change anything, would you? What are tachyon particles? How do they relate to time travel? And most importantly, why does Lisa have more chemistry with the old version of her boyfriend than the young one?


Episode 78: Tempus Fugit and Max

This week on Filed Under X we pay tribute to a beloved friend, co-worker and potential love interest. A true genius of The X-Files who was gunned down while wanting to buy his dream girl a drink. Agent Pendrell … keep it up yourself.

Were Mulder and Scully even in this ep? And something about a plane crash?


Episode 74: Never Again


Did they or didn’t they? This week Kate & Tracey talk the
sometimes controversial Never Again. The ladies get deep in
discussion about all things Scully, her life and her
relationships. Tracey has an analysis about an iconic moment
between Mulder and Scully, while Kate makes a revelation
about a certain scene that was cut…


Episode 73: Leonard Betts

“I’m sorry … but you’ve got something I need.”

Its the episode that sent chills down nearly every Philes spine. Do you remember where you were when you first watched Leonard Betts? Do Tracey and Kate? Tune in this week as they talk dad jokes, science tech and THAT moment.