Episode 24: My Struggle – X Files Revival


The X-Files is back on our TV screens and your Filed Under X crew are ready to talk all things X-Files revival! Col, Hailey and Kate sit down to analyse the first episode “My Struggle” which left them with more questions than answers.

Where does the mythology stand now? What do we think – as shippers – of Mulder and Scully’s relationship status? (The answer might surprise you!) Who is paying Mulder’s bills? Why does Scully have so much blood on her neck? We’ll try and resolve the answers to all these questions and more!

Please be aware that this episode will contain spoilers for 10×01 My Struggle and general chatter about previous seasons. You have been warned!


Scully’s Choice.


I have spent many years hating my hero Dana Scully. But for good reason; she gave up the baby. Granted it was her baby, but it felt like I was invested in this baby. And she spent so long calling him “the baby” rather than my baby or William that I wasn’t sure she was even seeing him as a product of her love with her perfect opposite. Not to mention the question whether he was hers/an alieum/Super Soldier. Although someone did mention on twitter the other day that Super Soldiers don’t sleep and William sleeps so there’s the answer to that question!!

I started to feel that I needed to know why. Not just because Scully can do no wrong, but because her pain was my pain and I needed answers too, dammit. Just my questions were of a different nature.

I stumbled across the answer this year by accident. By a twist of fate the Revival was announced the year that I began studying infant’s relationships with their caregivers. Part of this was looking at some of the psychological processing women go through when they’re pregnant and as new mothers. It was then that Scully’s decision started to make sense. Read More


Episode 23: Fearful Symmetry and Dod Kalm

This week on Filed Under X we tackle another pair of mediocre season 2 episodes in the form of Fearful Symmetry and Dod Kalm. We welcome a new host, our friend Kirsty, who joins Kate on this last regular podcast before the X-Files Revival.

Fearful Symmetry is widely disliked among fans and X-Files crew, so as they ladies approach it with an open mind, did they find it better than its reputation? Invisible Tigers, a strong conservation message and … elephant autopsies? Whats not to like? Apparently a lot. Dod Kalm, a bottle episode that lacks the punch of Ice or Darkness Falls, raises one important question. What does snow-globe water taste like?


7 X-Files episodes to whet your appetite before the revival

As veterans of our favourite show The X-Files, we here at Filed Under X have looked upon the emerging lists of “what to watch before the revival” with …lets face it, scorn. We’ve often shouted (ok, typed in caps) has this person even watched the show? How on earth could a newbie follow the series with that list?

The truth is, you can’t. There’s 201 episodes, two movies and a mythology so intense, even fans like us, who rewatch at least once year, get confused following. Without watching from start to finish, a newbie is going to be flailing in the dark without an over-sized flashlight. Come the revival, you’re bound to have too many questions from watching a list of solely monster of the week eps, or confusion from a list that excludes huge chunks of the mythology.

So what was our solution? Episodes to wet your appetite. Something we think may grab a newbies attention and get them watching the old stuff once the revival is over. We thought it would be easy picking these episodes, it wasn’t. But we harshly cut our list of over 20 to bring you the seven episodes to, hopefully, get you interested in The X-Files:

Read More


Review: The X-Files Vol. 1: The Agents, The Bureau and The Syndicate (Titan Comics)

Publisher: Titan Comics
Release Date: January 12, 2016
Review: Kate
To celebrate the return of the hugely popular sci-fi TV series, Titan Comics shine a light on The X-Files once more in this essential new collection commemorating the iconic TV show. (Features content previously published in the official X-Files Magazine.)

The Official X-Files Magazine, published by Titan since 1996, was a much sought after item in my house back in the day. It was a tricky thing to get at my local newsagents and my collection ended up in dribs and drabs.

So I was excited to hear of Titans first new X-Files book, The Agents, The Bureau and The Syndicate. An amalgamation of interviews and articles from said magazines, it was enough to make my little X-Phile heart leap with joy.

This first volume features interviews with Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis and Nicholas Lea, just to name a few. Theres a profile for the character each the actor played and some articles on the impact the show had.

While its taken me some time to get through all the articles – and I’m still reading – its interesting to take a step back in time and read the attitudes and reactions of those on the show was when each interview was documented.

There’s also some fun stuff such as a guide to Mulder and Scully’s apartments – in case you ever want to go retro and copy their decorating tastes. Perhaps my favourite thing are the guides to being the next Mulder or Scully with great tips like have a close relationship with your partner – if you ask Chris Carter, its only platonic, right?

With some great quotes, gorgeous photos through out the book and more nostalgia than you can poke a stick at, it makes it a must-have for X-Philes old and new.


Episode 22: Colony and End Game

This week in episode 22, the self proclaimed X-Files mythology queens, Hailey & Kate tackle the first big double episode Colony and End Game.

There’s a lot to talk about including; scary looking bounty hunters, bitchy Samantha clones, abductions, conspiracy plots, more 90s fashion nostalgia, analysis of Mulder’s family drama, kick-ass Scully (plus the ladies figure out why Scully’s always in denial) and lots of Skinner love. This episode has it all!


Episode 21: Die Hand Die Verletzt and Fresh Bones

It’s a brand new year and a brand new podcast! But not much has changed for Filed Under X. We’re still your best podcast where Aussies and a Kiwi talk X-Files!

In our most digressional podcast yet, Tracey and Kate navigate their way through another set of lacklustre season 2 episodes. While Tracey enjoys the classic horror of Die Hand, Die Verletzt, Kate find its difficult to get into the occult themed ep. But at least they manage to amuse themselves with many mispronunciations of Azazel, as well as the question of who actually called the demon. In Fresh Bones, they struggle with their knowledge of voodoo, conflict in Haiti and the meaning of black cats. All this and much more fun, including the famed X-Files quiz! Has Tracey’s reputation as a terrible quizee finally changed? Tune in to find out!!


Episode 20: Aubrey and Irresistible

For the last episode of Filed Under X for 2015, Kate and Col are lucky (or unlucky) enough to get double serial killer fun with Aubrey and Irresistible. The ladies discuss the differences between the two episodes, how one works and one doesn’t. Is it the acting? The writing? Listen and find out what they think! As usual there are tangents, the quiz, and all the hard hitting questions you can handle about The X-Files!

More fun than a creep calling you girly-girl, we hope you enjoy this weeks episode!


Episode 19: Firewalker, Red Museum and Excelsis Dei

Its another kind of threesome on Filed Under X this week. This time, Hailey and Kate tackle three episodes just in time for your drive home for this Holiday Season!

When they’re faced with three lacklustre eps, the ladies wonder how their favourite show managed to survive as long as it did. What was the point of the Firewalker, exactly? And was the ‘creature’ in the episode really the grossest prop of the time or just an excuse for a phallic fungi? Red Museum is supposed to be a mythology ep, but with so many themes and plotlines, can the ladies untangle this confusing mess? Finally in Excelsis Dei, they tackle the more serious topics the episode skims over and fails to deliver on.

All this, plus the weekly tie report, a triple quiz for Hailey and much, much more!


Episode 18: 3 and One Breath

This week on episode 18 of your weekly Aussie X-Files chat, Tracey, Col & Hailey take to the show unsupervised! What do you think the ladies talked about without Kate? Mulder, Mulder, Mulder, of course!

Differing opinions arise with the discussion of ‘3’ … who thinks its not that bad and who thinks its still one of the worst episodes of the series? And how many vampire cliches can they spot? Scully’s back in ‘One Breath’ (but its still all about Mulder). The ladies talk about the alternative name for the ep and the idea of Mulder and Melissa Scully having a relationship, was it a good idea or a bad one? Their thoughts may surprise you. Plus theres all things life and death, the weekly tie report and much, much more!

It’s another great episode of the best X-Files podcast this side of the equator!