Episode 21: Die Hand Die Verletzt and Fresh Bones

It’s a brand new year and a brand new podcast! But not much has changed for Filed Under X. We’re still your best podcast where Aussies and a Kiwi talk X-Files!

In our most digressional podcast yet, Tracey and Kate navigate their way through another set of lacklustre season 2 episodes. While Tracey enjoys the classic horror of Die Hand, Die Verletzt, Kate find its difficult to get into the occult themed ep. But at least they manage to amuse themselves with many mispronunciations of Azazel, as well as the question of who actually called the demon. In Fresh Bones, they struggle with their knowledge of voodoo, conflict in Haiti and the meaning of black cats. All this and much more fun, including the famed X-Files quiz! Has Tracey’s reputation as a terrible quizee finally changed? Tune in to find out!!


Episode 20: Aubrey and Irresistible

For the last episode of Filed Under X for 2015, Kate and Col are lucky (or unlucky) enough to get double serial killer fun with Aubrey and Irresistible. The ladies discuss the differences between the two episodes, how one works and one doesn’t. Is it the acting? The writing? Listen and find out what they think! As usual there are tangents, the quiz, and all the hard hitting questions you can handle about The X-Files!

More fun than a creep calling you girly-girl, we hope you enjoy this weeks episode!


Episode 19: Firewalker, Red Museum and Excelsis Dei

Its another kind of threesome on Filed Under X this week. This time, Hailey and Kate tackle three episodes just in time for your drive home for this Holiday Season!

When they’re faced with three lacklustre eps, the ladies wonder how their favourite show managed to survive as long as it did. What was the point of the Firewalker, exactly? And was the ‘creature’ in the episode really the grossest prop of the time or just an excuse for a phallic fungi? Red Museum is supposed to be a mythology ep, but with so many themes and plotlines, can the ladies untangle this confusing mess? Finally in Excelsis Dei, they tackle the more serious topics the episode skims over and fails to deliver on.

All this, plus the weekly tie report, a triple quiz for Hailey and much, much more!


Episode 18: 3 and One Breath

This week on episode 18 of your weekly Aussie X-Files chat, Tracey, Col & Hailey take to the show unsupervised! What do you think the ladies talked about without Kate? Mulder, Mulder, Mulder, of course!

Differing opinions arise with the discussion of ‘3’ … who thinks its not that bad and who thinks its still one of the worst episodes of the series? And how many vampire cliches can they spot? Scully’s back in ‘One Breath’ (but its still all about Mulder). The ladies talk about the alternative name for the ep and the idea of Mulder and Melissa Scully having a relationship, was it a good idea or a bad one? Their thoughts may surprise you. Plus theres all things life and death, the weekly tie report and much, much more!

It’s another great episode of the best X-Files podcast this side of the equator!


Episode 17: Duane Barry and Ascension

This week in episode 17 of your weekly Aussie X-Files chat, Kate is joined by our favourite kiwi Tracey to talk about the big season 2 arc Duane Barry and Ascension. The turning point for The X-Files mythology and the show itself, what will one of the mythology queens (Kate) and the non-mythology girl (Tracey) have to say about it?

Not to mention there is a lot of chat about our favourite Rat-boy Krycek, is he good? Is he bad? Is he just misunderstood? And as this is Tracey’s very first episode with our favourite boss-man, Skinner, she shares her story of meeting Mitch Pileggi.

All this and much-much more (including the weekly tie-watch!) tune in now!


Episode 16: Blood and Sleepless

Fears, phobias, media manipulation and government deception! This week in episode 16 of your favourite Aussie X-Files podcast, Kate and Col get a little bit serious as they talk Blood and Sleepless.

While the execution of these episodes failed to inspire a whole lot of love from the ladies, it was the issues tackled in each ep that got them talking. But don’t fret, it’s not all doom and gloom! It wouldn’t be a Filed Under X podcast without a mention of the weed whacker hair, ugly ties and an analysis of Scully’s locks.

Not to mention the first appearance of a certain much-loved Rat-boy which has Kate swooning as much as her unyielding love for Skinner.

All this and more! Tune in right now.


Episode 15: Little Green Men and The Host

Its episode 15 this week and we’re getting stuck into season 2! The X-Files is closed down, Mulder and Scully are separated and Mulder is being a ….bitch?!? Listen as Kate, and surprisingly enough, Hailey discuss whats going on with their favourite bad-tie-wearing Agent. And speaking of ties, listen out for the ladies talk about those ties who have become repeat offenders and a little tie swapping creates speculation over a pair of characters. There is also lots of Skinner love for both eps, a question of whatever happened to Senator Matheson and is Little Green Men really a mytharc episode?

Tune in for all this and more on your weekly Aussie X-Files chat!


Episode 14: Season 1 Wrap

This week is our season 1 wrap! Completely unprepared all four of your Filed Under X hosts battled a dodgy skype call to bring you their thoughts on the first season of The X-Files. Where does it rank out of all nine? What are their favourite moments? Kate created a S1 quiz to challenge Hailey, Col & Tracey on how much they were really paying attention. Then they get their own back with a quiz for Kate … or did they? Tune in right now for all your X-Files fun!


Episode 13: Roland and The Erlenmeyer Flask

This week in your Aussie themed X-Files discussion, we are at the season 1 finale! Hailey and Kate talk Roland and The Erlenmeyer Flask. Hailey is sad that we’re already through the first season, Kate isnt so much, find out why!

Science, science, science! There’s lots of science in these two episodes and the ladies become frustrated with how its over-explained for the audience.

In Roland the ladies praise the work of Željko Ivanek and tell stories about liquid nitrogen. They try to figure out where Roland’s vision are coming from and what they mean.

With The Erlenmeyer Flask, the self dubbed Mythology Queens try to piece together the episode with where it fits into the series in the future. They question whether Deep Throat should have been a full time character and Kate has some interesting facts about how The X-Files almost came to an end after this episode.

There’s also lots of 90s nostalgia in this episode including video tabs, paper dolls and men the ladies crushed on as teenagers.

Its more exciting than an alien foetus!


Episode 12: Tooms and Born Again.

This week on your weekly Aussie chat about The X-Files, Skinner has arrived! Kate and Col (but lets face it, mostly just Kate) are thrilled to talk about the debut of the big bald beautiful man! Kate has facts about Skinner and both ladies have a story about meeting Mitch Pileggi in Melbourne.

However, as much as Kate would like it to be, this weeks episode isn’t just about Skinner. Also in the podcast they talk about the Tooms stake-out scene, is it in their top Mulder and Scully moments of all time? They discuss the confusion between canon and fanon and how Col constantly mixes up to the two. Eventually they get to Born Again which fails to generate any excitement between them. Is this the worst episode of season 1?

More fun than a creepy kid, we hope you enjoy episode 12!