Episode 39: Interview with Artin John



We braved a dodgy internet connection across the pacific to chat to actor (and fellow Aussie!) Artin John, who starred as Shiraz in Season 10’s Babylon. He was kind enough to share lots of stories about his time on The X-Files (and believe us, he’s got some great ones). He told us what it was like working with David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter and all the X-Files team. Plus we chatted about acting, his other roles, his upcoming projects and we challenged him to a game of ‘Plot or Not’ … its a game you’ll start challenging everyone to!

Please be aware this podcast does contain some coarse language (more so than usual) don’t listen without your headphones!


Follow Artin.

Twitter: @artinjohn_ 

Instagram: artinjohn_

2BR02B (To Be Or Naught To Be the film): Facebook Page.


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