Episode 62: Season 3 Wrap


We’ve reached the end of season 3 and its time for another FUX wrap. Did season 3 live up to expectations or was Kate right all along that it wasn’t the season Col, Hailey & Tracey were expecting?

Along with the best and worst bits of season 3, a few technical difficulties and a kiwi that drops in and out, the ladies also share some of their favourite X-Files related websites out there. Be sure to catch us on social media and tell us your favourites too.


Episode 58: Quagmire (Live in Sydney)


Late Friday night before Oz Comic Con Sydney, the four FUX ladies gathered around a computer in their hotel room, watched Quagmire and then put this podcast together for you.

Quagmire has always been considered one of those great eps of Season 3, with the infamous Conversation On The Rock, but did it live up to its reputation this time around?

Plus Kate asks the most important question: would you cannibalize someone?

Note: We apologise for some sound quality issues during this ep.


Episode 57: Avatar


It’s an awesome coincidence that our Avatar podcast lined up with the week that Mitch Pileggi was in the country! Too exhausted from Comic-Con, Kate & Hailey pre-recorded this episode just so you, our dedicated listeners, wouldn’t be left without something to keep you entertained.

So what does our resident Skinner-Lover Kate think of the very first Skinner episode in The X-Files? And how long will it be before she and Hailey are giggling and doing their Skinner re-enactments?


Episode 54: Teso Dos Bichos


It’s a cat fight!

Well not really, but when faced with an episode that not even the cast and crew liked, Kate and Tracey struggle to find something positive about it. Keep listening though, as Kate enlightens Tracey with interesting animal facts and has a message from a special guest.