Episode 37: Season 2 Wrap


Did the interruption of season 10 disrupt the momentum of season 2 for the FUX team? Or did they manage to separate new and old X-Files?

Listen as they talk about the highs and lows of season 2 and what they’re looking forward to in season 3.

And the return of the Who Loved Who First debate produces various reactions in our team … who disagrees with Tracey’s theory (first heard in the F. Emasculata podcast) and who zones out?


Episode 36: Anasazi


The mythology Queens Hailey and Kate are back to talk about the explosive season 2 finale, Anasazi. Secret documents, aliens (or are they?), Skinner, murder and conspiracy, the ladies put on their dual crowns and get deep into the discussion. But more importantly, they wonder, how did Scully drag a drugged Mulder across the country?  And they debate the hottest topic of  season 2: who really shot Bill Mulder.

Plus we have a return of “in defense of Chris Carter” and “I agree with you but…” this episode has it all!


Episode 35: Our Town


Which came first, the chicken or the egg? On a very clucky episode of Filed Under X this week, we ask the important questions like; How do cannibals prepare a stew on a bonfire? Why does Scully buy a bucket of (potentially contaminated) chicken and not share it with Mulder? What is the south really like in America? All this and more on the only Australian X-Files podcast.


Episode 34: Soft Light


Listen this week as Tracey and Kate try to unravel the secrets of science in Soft Light. As the ladies struggle their way through Vince Gilligan’s first contribution to the X-Files, they wonder, what does it all mean? But that’s not all, from killer shadows to bad feminists and random tangents to 90s nostalgia, this episode has your usual dose of Filed Under X fun.


Episode 33: F. Emasculata


This week on episode 33 we are talking F. Emasculata. Kate & Tracey tackle Mulder & Scully being separated (again), corrupt pharmaceutical companies and pustules… spurty, gross pustules. Which of the ladies enjoyed them and which of them could barely make it through without gagging? All this and your usual dose of 90’s nostalgia, off topic tangents and much more!

Plus theres two days left to enter our giveaway! Details on our website.


Episode 32: The Calusari


“I want my balloon.”

Creepy kids and exorcisms! This week on the only Aussie X-Files podcast,  Kate and Col talk The Calusari.

An episode by one of the very few female writers, how does it stack up against Sara Charno’s previous offering, Aubrey? What were the things that failed to make sense throughout the ep? What exactly was the type of evil was that possessed Charlie? And how creepy are the damn Canadian children of the 90s? Keep an ear out as our favourite segments ‘In defense of Chris Carter‘ and ‘D*ck of the week‘ make their return. Plus we get a little sidetracked with the creation of ‘signs The X-Files is losing its shine


Episode 31: Humbug


With the revival over, we are jumping straight back into our season two episodes and picking up where we left off with Humbug.

This week Kate and Col discuss the very first comedic episode of The X-Files and contemplate whether it was difficult to get back into episodes from the 90’s after a very modern season 10.


Episode 23: Fearful Symmetry and Dod Kalm

This week on Filed Under X we tackle another pair of mediocre season 2 episodes in the form of Fearful Symmetry and Dod Kalm. We welcome a new host, our friend Kirsty, who joins Kate on this last regular podcast before the X-Files Revival.

Fearful Symmetry is widely disliked among fans and X-Files crew, so as they ladies approach it with an open mind, did they find it better than its reputation? Invisible Tigers, a strong conservation message and … elephant autopsies? Whats not to like? Apparently a lot. Dod Kalm, a bottle episode that lacks the punch of Ice or Darkness Falls, raises one important question. What does snow-globe water taste like?


Episode 22: Colony and End Game

This week in episode 22, the self proclaimed X-Files mythology queens, Hailey & Kate tackle the first big double episode Colony and End Game.

There’s a lot to talk about including; scary looking bounty hunters, bitchy Samantha clones, abductions, conspiracy plots, more 90s fashion nostalgia, analysis of Mulder’s family drama, kick-ass Scully (plus the ladies figure out why Scully’s always in denial) and lots of Skinner love. This episode has it all!


Episode 21: Die Hand Die Verletzt and Fresh Bones

It’s a brand new year and a brand new podcast! But not much has changed for Filed Under X. We’re still your best podcast where Aussies and a Kiwi talk X-Files!

In our most digressional podcast yet, Tracey and Kate navigate their way through another set of lacklustre season 2 episodes. While Tracey enjoys the classic horror of Die Hand, Die Verletzt, Kate find its difficult to get into the occult themed ep. But at least they manage to amuse themselves with many mispronunciations of Azazel, as well as the question of who actually called the demon. In Fresh Bones, they struggle with their knowledge of voodoo, conflict in Haiti and the meaning of black cats. All this and much more fun, including the famed X-Files quiz! Has Tracey’s reputation as a terrible quizee finally changed? Tune in to find out!!