Episode 90: The Post-Modern Prometheus


The Post-Modern Prometheus, is it fun and misunderstood? or a self indulgent piece in support of rape culture and oppression of women? Kate and Col are here to help with that answer!


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Episode 83: Demons

Hailey and Kate drill into Mulder’s Demons this week discussing the existence of the nefarious psychologists club, the dangerous liaisons of Teena Mulder and whether CSM really is the devil Mulder makes him out to be …. But who can trust the beliefs of a man who goes on a ketamine trip with some oldies?


Episode 82: Elegy


As Kate and Hailey sob and sigh their way through all the sad Scully moments in Elegy this week, they also debate whether or not the ep is classified as mytharc or monster of the week. When the discussion turns to how Mulder is once again making everything about him, a shock twist of events sees Kate defending her least favourite Agent. You’ll need to be sitting for this episode!