Sydney Oz Comic Con 2017

Oz Comic Con wrapped another year of shows in Sydney this year, to which Filed Under X was privileged enough to attend again. While there were no X-Files stars out here (manly, I guess because the show is currently filming) I am hopeful 2018 will see the likes of William B Davis, Nick Lea or Gillian Anderson on our shores for one of them … hint hint.

The Brisbane/Sydney shows did have the likes of Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Game of Thrones) and Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who), plus FUX’s favourite artist Stewart McKenny, so it was hard to be disappointed with the line-up.

There’s no doubt that Oz Comic Con has become my favourite convention over the years, not only for their fabulous guests, for their support to our little podcast and now for going that extra mile to make their con inclusive for all. There is one thing in saying your con is a safe space for everyone and diversity is welcome, but its a whole different thing when you follow through with that promise, despite the harassment companies have been receiving over doing such a thing in Australia at the moment. So well done Oz Comic Con – you can read about #OCCEquality here and show your support too.

Now with that political stuff out the way, let’s talk about two days at Sydney OCC.

Comic Con Bingo

While I hunted for those elusive X-Files fans to have on the show (where were you guys!?), I also passed the time with some Comic Con bingo. The task was harder than I expected. I would see someone on my card, only to lose them five seconds later in the crowd.

The second part of the challenge was asking a cosplayer to pose with action figures and A) not feel like an idiot (I did the first couple of times) B) not have them wonder if I was some weird kid (hey, its possible, I am under 150cms tall). For the most part they were all good sports, some just had no clue what I was asking (I thought, “I have an XFiles podcast, I’m doing cosplay bingo, can I take a photo of you with Mulder and Scully?” seemed clear enough).

Nevertheless, it was loads of fun and I did tick a few off the bingo card!

I did wonder at the end of Sunday if it was actually my problem. Are 20 somethings too young to know the X-Files? Am I naive enough to think that everyone knows our favourite show? Perhaps. But that won’t stop me doing it again at the next convention.

Vendors and Merch.

Since I have a strict “no dust collectors” policy, I always limit my spending to art or creative things like buttons/pins. This isn’t to say you can’t get some amazing stuff at cons; I stared longingly at Pop Vinyls, action figures, statues and so much more. Not to mention a Brother Scan n Cut and Singer embroidery machine have been added to my wish list after watching demos at the Spotlight and Singer stalls.

As I mentioned before, friend of FUX’s Stewart McKenny was there with his X-Files prints and I did remind him that he needs to create more. You should contact him too and tell him which characters you want to see. Don’t tell him I sent you. lol.

If you ever wanted a retro Mulder and Scully print, be sure to check out Bruce Loves You where you can also get some X-Files pins. Jason Palmer also has a gorgeous Scully print you can add to your collection and Kings Comics are sure to have X-Files comics in stock. Unfortunately, these are the only things you can find at cons these days, unless you’re lucky enough to find someone selling the Pop Vinyls or some old FTF action figures.

If you’re on the hunt for something non-XFiles, I found some gorgeous art in the likes of Welly’s Wonders and Cheeky Bucket. Absolutely gorgeous work by talented humans. Check them out.

I loved the display of Supergirl / Flash /Arrow costumes from FOXTEL. Imagine if we were in the 90s, it would have been the replica of Mulder’s office Fox Studios used to have.


Sydney Oz Comic Con has spent its last three years at Glebe Island in the temporary convention centre. It was a great space, maybe a touch out of the way to travel to (which they made up for with good transport – ferries and buses) but a overall a good venue.

This year was the first at the new ICC and feelings are mixed. For me, it felt like the space was much smaller, though overall, I don’t think it was, just the isles were narrower. I felt like Artist Alley had less stalls this year. Maybe it didn’t, without a previous program on hand; it’s really hard to say. But there were lots of stalls and lots of awesome things to see.

My main complaint is with the ICC itself. The toilets in the foyer were blocked off and in the main hall are hidden away in little hallways without signage. They look like ‘staff only’ areas and it wasn’t until I asked an ICC staff member where they were that I realised. Food was also over-priced as expected at these kind of things I’d say the most expensive cafeteria food I’ve had at a con. Still, the chips were delicious, so I’m not totally complaining and I could have made the trek down darling harbour a little but I didn’t.

However, the coffee was awful. And if you know me, you know how I feel about bad coffee…

Aside from that, it was another fun weekend and I can’t wait to go back again in 2018.

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Episode 59: Mitch Pileggi and Oz Comic Con Sydney & Brisbane 2016


Its the podcast episode you’ve been waiting for! This week is our Oz Comic Con special and interview with the big bald beautiful man, Mitch Pileggi! Listen in as we talk all things OzCC Sydney and all things Brisbane with our field Agent Melynda! We discuss Mitch’s panels, fan dinners – Kate shares her new dinner story! – meeting fans at the con, the frustration of hearing Mitch’s name mispronounced, plus a little bit of X-Files con info that Melynda picked up in Brisbane, you wont want to miss it X-Files fans!

If you cant be bothered listening to the whole thing (shame on you) and just want to hear the fans chats, you can find them at around 37mins, or if you just want to hear us talk to Mitch (understandable) you can find that at about 1 hour.


Special Agent Melynda: @melyndagenrich

Oz Comic Con: @OzComicCon | Facebook

Much thanks again to Oz Comic Con for having us!


Photos: Oz Comic Con Sydney

The Filed Under X crew have been thrilled to be part of this years Sydney and Brisbane Oz Comic Cons. We had a great time at both events, talking to fans and especially meeting Mitch Pileggi. We’ll have a full con wrap up podcast – for both cons! – coming shortly, but until then, take a moment to stare in wonderment at these gorgeous pictures of Mitch from Sydney Oz Comic Con.


Episode 45: Robert Patrick and Melbourne Oz Comic Con


Have we mentioned we met Robert Patrick yet? Well we did!! And we scored a chunk of his time to have a chat about all things Robert Patrick…and The X Files. Join Kate, Col and Hailey as they debrief after their latest Con adventure, talking bad coffee, long lines and of course meeting Robert Patrick. Our chat with Robert appears somewhere in this podcast. Tune in now to hear all about it.


Review: A Streetcar Named Desire with Gillian Anderson


A Street Car Named Desire review by Col

Emotional; Mesmerizing; breathtakingly heartbreaking are words that fail to come close to describing the spellbinding performance delivered, not only by Gillian Anderson (though clearly the main draw card) but by the whole cast of A Streetcar Named Desire.

Staged at the St Ann theatre in Brooklyn, Ms Anderson and co have bought this production from London, and along with it one of the under appreciated stars of the production – the revolving stage. This unique feature thrusts the audience into the centre of the drama unfolding within Tennessee Williams’ famous play.

13330494_10154224323633185_1054984423_nFrom her opening scene right up to the heart wrenching walk past the audience by Blanche, all eyes are firmly on Gillian Anderson. Her delivery is inflected with a delicate subtly of emotions. This is no surprise to her legion of dedicated fans, who have long known that she has depth as an actor. Many ‘non-fans’ tend to dismiss and overlook her acting ability due to her background of rising to the publics attention via The X-Files. Not only does she display her ample dramatic acting skills she also displays remarkable comedic ability.  She takes the audience on a ride, bouncing from one emotion to another; laughter to tears, gasps of shock to chair squirming tension as we witness Blanche’s slow and painful unravelling, hastened by the actions of her brother-in-law, Stanley.

Ben Foster, who portrays Stanley, is also delivers a stand out performance.  Both Gillian Anderson and Ben Foster draw you into their world and then slap you across the face with their powerful and emotional performance. So compelling is their performance, especially Anderson’s, that you forget that this fragile broken portrayal of Blanche is played by the same woman who gave us the strong independent role model of Dana Scully.

The vulnerability she shows through out the production left many shell shocked as they exited the theatre. I personally walked out with muscles screaming with tension, shaking and emotionally drained … lets just say that some comfort cake was needed! How 13329727_10154224322673185_970573940_nGillian Anderson manages to perform this intense role day after day is a testament to her strength as a performer, especially considering she recently stated in an interview that she is often left black and blue after a performance. Its no wonder, the role is often brutally physical not to mention emotionally scarring.  She can take an element of comfort from the fact that the audience is also emotionally carrying the tell tale signs of bruising as they leave the theatre after her stellar performance.


Review: The X Files Conspiracy


Publisher: IDW
Written by: Paul Crilley, Erik Burnham, Ed Brisson, Denton J. Tipton
Artwork by: John Stanisci, Salvador Navarro, Michael Walsh, Dheeraj Verma, Vic Malhotra
Review: Kate @ All That Geek. (Originally posted April 2014)

One of my biggest peeves about the new X-Files comics is how very dead characters in the TV series have been brought back to life on the pages. They are explained away with some moments that feel no more meaningful than “ha-ha just kidding, we’re not dead!”

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why these characters have been brought back and there is a part of me that is pleased about it. It’s just that the other part just screams at how it’s ruining the canon. I understand that The X-Files franchise is going to be more profitable with its popular secondary characters such as The Lone Gunmen alive and well to tell stories of their own. I guess rather than create stories set in the 90s/early 2000 when the characters were alive, someone thought it necessary to have them suddenly not dead and their stories set now. For the sake of what? Use of smartphones?

When I first heard about the new Lone Gunmen spin off comics Conspiracy, a crossover with IDW’s other titles (TNMT, Transformers, Ghostbusters and The Crow) I was dubious. I wondered how far they would venture into bad fan-fiction territory. Fortunately I was surprised, and unfortunately, I was also disappointed. 

Conspiracy starts with The Lone Gunmen receiving an encrypted data file from the future which sets them on a journey investigating so-called tabloid stories of Ghost hunters, mutant turtles and shape shifting aliens which all may be connected to a plague that is set to wipe out humanity. Mulder and Scully are also on the case, investigating an outbreak of the deadly virus.

Issue #1 starts out solid setting up the story and its bookend (Conspiracy #2) it equally good, if not a little silly at times. I like the way Paul Crilley has written the Gunmen as well as Mulder and Scully. They are in character and it really feels like them on the pages. I would love to see him work on the X-Files season 10 at some stage, as I really think the series would benefit from his writing.

The crossover comics themselves left a little to be desired. The first, Conspiracy: Ghostbusters by Erik Burnham was good, but after the completely unrelated (albeit entertaining) event that took place for most of the story, I felt like the last couple of pages were just an info-dump to get back to the Conspiracy plot.

Next was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover by Ed Brisson. As a fan of TMNT, I was most looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, the story brought back the vampires from X-Files episode Bad Blood. It was a nice nod to the series in a way, and connecting the turtles to it via the pizza shop, but the inclusion felt like what most of XFS10 is suffering from, too much dredging up of the past.

The TMNT crossover is followed by the Transformers, another solid effort by Paul Crilley, and not surprisingly, my favourite aside from the bookend issues. I really enjoyed it and it didn’t feel like a chore to read. It stayed within the plot of the Conspiracy series, whilst giving the Transformers their own story. Also …ninja buddies forever.

The Crow was last in the crossovers written by Denton J. Tripton and my least favourite. I think mainly because I am unfamiliar with the story and it did nothing to capture my attention. I did, however, like how the story came full circle, connecting and tying up some of the events from Conspiracy #1.

The art in all the issues was really just so-so for me. The Ghostbusters issue deserves praise for at least having the characters look like recognisable versions of themselves. The Transformers issue is my favourite for being the most artistic. The covers on the other hand, I loved. The standard covers are wonderful, but the variants, each issue being a tabloid newspaper cover, are by far the best and I was so happy I was able to buy them all.

Overall, I liked this Lone Gunmen series. The plot of them receiving the files from the future and the mutated virus really worked, but the crossovers added no value to it for me. Nor did it make me want to start reading any of those other titles, as I’m sure was IDW’s intention.

If crossovers of IDW titles are going to be inevitable, I’d love to see Mulder and Scully somehow cross paths with some more exciting stories, because on the pages of a comic, anything is possible.


Review: The X Files Annual 2014


Publisher: IDW (2014)
Written by: Frank Spotnitz, Gabe Rotter, Shannon Eric Denton and Dave Sim.
Artwork by: Stuart Sayger and Andrew Currie.
Review: Kate @ All That Geek. (Originally posted April 2014)

The X Files Annual has been highly anticipated by fans across the globe as it sees the return of series writer/producer Frank Spotnitz with an untold story from Mulder and Scully’s first time in the FBI.

The Priest written by Frank Spotnitz, Gabe Rotter and Shannon Eric Denton.

“When a man returns from the dead with a warning for his wife, the agents investigate and cross paths with a very peculiar priest.”

I loved this story, it was simple, engaging and everything you would expect from classic X Files. The story captures the spirit of the early seasons and is perfectly creepy in that way that fans of the show will love. Mulder and Scully were written true to character, which is no surprise with Spotnitz being one of the best writers from the television series. 

The biggest let down for me was the artwork. At times it drew me out of the story, as the expressions on the characters did not match what the dialogue was trying to convey. Mulder and Scully (especially Scully) were barely recognizable at times. Scully’s hair had been drawn so short, she reminded me of Det. Angela White from the S3 episode Syzygy.

One thing I did like about the artwork was the darker colouring of the comic which gave it that spooky X Files feel.

The second story, Talk To The Hand by Dave Sim finds Scully in the midst of a dream, having conversation with a grotesque hand covered in eyeballs. This is supposedly a dream she’s had many times before, with the monster-like hand claiming to be her high-school sweetheart Adam. “Adam” gives her a choice, when she wakes up she’ll continue working as an FBI Agent or have a perfect life with him.

I have to admit, its a strange story and I believe one I could wrap my head around better if I was more familiar with its creator. However I think the charm of the story lies in its quirkiness. You know the choice Scully is going to make but there is always that question of the life she could have had, if she just got out of the damn car.

Overall “The Priest” is a great addition to the X Files comics if it weren’t for the artwork. And “Talk To The Hand” was weird enough in way that I’m still thinking about it.

The X Files Annual is a must for any fans collection.


Review: The X-Files by Frank Spotnitz, Marv Wolfman and Doug Moench (WildStorm Comics)


Publisher: WildStorm (2009)
Written by: Frank Spotnitz, Marv Wolfman and Doug Moench
Artwork by: Brian Denham
Review: Kate @ All That Geek. (Originally posted August 2014)

THE X-FILES lives on in this new collection that serves as a lost season of the smash-hit TV series. Mulder and Scully are sent to San Francisco to solve a string of murders, then become targets of the Tong underworld and travel to the mysterious Badlands to investigate a series of disappearances in this title collecting THE X-FILES #0-6.

In 2008/09 following the second X-Files movie, WildStorm released seven comics based on The X-Files television show which were set to further expand on the series. The first three issues are penned by X-Files executive producer and writer Frank Spotnitz which is where this collection shines. Telling two different stories of possession, Spotnitz talent as a writer on the show easily translates to the pages of a comic. They felt like they could have been two missing episodes from the series.

Its hard to find a comic writer who really captures the essence of the show and keeps Mulder and Scully in character but Wolfman and Moench do fairly good job at capturing our favourite FBI Agents. Their stories, one dealing mysticism and triads the other about underground creatures (and the hollow earth theory) were interesting and kept me glued to the pages and they felt faithful to the series.

My main complaint with this series is the timeline. Supposedly set in the X-Files prime, around season 2 to 5 (1994-97) it becomes clear that its 2008/09 in the comics timeline. This places them around the second X-Files movie and well after Mulder and Scully have left the FBI. Its jarring as a fan and could have easily been avoided by a few changes in the writing.

The artwork and colouring is absolutely fantastic. By far my favourite that I have seen in any X-Files comic to date. I felt immersed in Mulder and Scully’s world because they actually looked like who they were supposed to without appearing to be screen grabs from the series. The colouring is dark and moody all throughout the stories, keeping to that creepy X-Files feel.

Overall, it was a good set of “monster of the week” stories that became so synonymous with show. There were a few easter eggs for fans really paying attention and its a great read for fans who are craving more of the old series.


Review: Dean Haglund’s X Files Improv Show


dean 3

Dean Haglund has arrived in Melbourne for a 10 show run. He has brought his X Files Improv Show to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. MICF is one of the biggest events on Melbourne’s calendar at a wonderful time of the year as the evenings become cooler and the leaves start to turn on the trees for autumn.

The Filed Under X crew excitedly bought tickets to opening night to support our XF alumni.
The show is similar to the ones seen recently in Sydney and at Armageddon in 2010 but no less entertaining because each show is unique.

Wearing his character Langly’s trademark Ramones t-shirt, Dean uses his well-honed Improv skills to piece together an X Files episode, but uses his best resource to change the plot and dialogue – YOU!! He skillfully takes his ideas from the audience to make an absurd episode. Ours featured Tiny Bees That Look Like David Duchovny (Have you SEEN Fight The Future? Not so absurd!!)

IMG_2462 [74891]

Have you ever wanted to play Scully or Mulder on stage? Well here’s your opportunity to indulge your inner narcissist…I mean actor…like we did!! Dean invites audience participation so you can get your chance to get up close with your favourite Gunman.


The venue at Trades Hall seats the audience in the round, so every seat is a good one and yelling things out seems to hark back to its former life as the Old Council Chambers. The show goes at such a fast, hilarious pace it almost seems like Dean has it only just in his control…but that’s the beauty of Improv. It’s side splittingly, cheek achingly funny. It’s still something you can take your non believer friends to, because it’s just a rollicking good time.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some mates and go be in it!!!

Insider tip: Go early and have a drink in the Bella Union Bar at Trades Hall. It’s a beautiful hidden part of Melbourne and well worth spending your time waiting in.

The deets:
Dean Haglund X Files Improvised showing in the Old Council Chambers at Trades Hall (crn Victoria & Lygon Sts Melbourne)
24th March to 3rd April 2016 9:30pm (except Sundays 8:30pm)
Tickets from or at Melbourne International Comedy Festival Box Offices (there’s one at the venue)