Review: Dean Haglund’s X Files Improv Show


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Dean Haglund has arrived in Melbourne for a 10 show run. He has brought his X Files Improv Show to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. MICF is one of the biggest events on Melbourne’s calendar at a wonderful time of the year as the evenings become cooler and the leaves start to turn on the trees for autumn.

The Filed Under X crew excitedly bought tickets to opening night to support our XF alumni.
The show is similar to the ones seen recently in Sydney and at Armageddon in 2010 but no less entertaining because each show is unique.

Wearing his character Langly’s trademark Ramones t-shirt, Dean uses his well-honed Improv skills to piece together an X Files episode, but uses his best resource to change the plot and dialogue – YOU!! He skillfully takes his ideas from the audience to make an absurd episode. Ours featured Tiny Bees That Look Like David Duchovny (Have you SEEN Fight The Future? Not so absurd!!)

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Have you ever wanted to play Scully or Mulder on stage? Well here’s your opportunity to indulge your inner narcissist…I mean actor…like we did!! Dean invites audience participation so you can get your chance to get up close with your favourite Gunman.


The venue at Trades Hall seats the audience in the round, so every seat is a good one and yelling things out seems to hark back to its former life as the Old Council Chambers. The show goes at such a fast, hilarious pace it almost seems like Dean has it only just in his control…but that’s the beauty of Improv. It’s side splittingly, cheek achingly funny. It’s still something you can take your non believer friends to, because it’s just a rollicking good time.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some mates and go be in it!!!

Insider tip: Go early and have a drink in the Bella Union Bar at Trades Hall. It’s a beautiful hidden part of Melbourne and well worth spending your time waiting in.

The deets:
Dean Haglund X Files Improvised showing in the Old Council Chambers at Trades Hall (crn Victoria & Lygon Sts Melbourne)
24th March to 3rd April 2016 9:30pm (except Sundays 8:30pm)
Tickets from or at Melbourne International Comedy Festival Box Offices (there’s one at the venue)


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  1. This is a hilarious show, I couldn’t stop laughing. Even if you are not a fan of X-Files you should still go and see this show, you will love it.

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