GIVEAWAY: 4 Streetcar Named Desire Programs to be Won!

FUX team member Col was lucky enough to attend a charity event held in New York for SA-YES in association with ‘Street Car named Desire’.

While fans of Gillian Anderson might be aware of her association with various charities over the years, this particular charity she co-founded in 2008. It is entirely funded through donations and provides much needed support and mentoring for youths in South Africa, living in children’s homes who have reached the age of 18 and no longer eligible for government funding.

Watch a short documentary about what they do:

The work they undertake is inspirational. Listening to Michelle Potter (co-founder) talk about what they have achieved and what they aspire to do in the future, it is clear that those associated with this charity are passionate about the work they are doing. While donations of money are always accepted, SA-YES is also interested in linking mentors with mentees. Most importantly you do not have to live in South Africa. They able to remotely link mentees with people from every point in the world. If you are passionate about helping people, think you have skills that might help a young person to become better equipped to enter the world, want to donate money or if you want to undertake some fundraising for SA-YES please head to their website:


We are lucky enough to have 4 Street Car Named Desire programs to give away. Yep, these programs have come all the way from New York. To win one all you have to do is:

Either like SA-Yes on Facebook or follow them on Twitter (@sa_yes) and email ( a screenshot of you following/liking along with the answer to the following question.

How much does it cost SA-YES (South African Rand) to match mentors and mentees for a year?

Winners will be drawn at random.

Entries closes July 17th.


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