Have you ever eavesdropped on a conversation while on pubic transport or in a restaurant and heard people passionately talking about something they love?

Filed Under X is your weekly discussion podcast about The X-Files – usually unstructured and uncensored.

Your host is Kate, who is joined by a rotating roster of co-hosts in Hailey, Col, and what every Aussie podcast needs – a token Kiwi named Tracey.

Each week, Filed Under X (FUX) brings a unique brand of humour and insights to one of the most iconic TV series of the 90s. We think we offer something a little different from the other X-Files podcasts out there as our Aussie/Kiwi point of view usually takes us on a journey of cultural differences that we are sure you’ll find amusing.

And not only do we take you on a trip down memory lane of each episode with favourite moments, quotes, and analysis, but we are long time fans who aren’t completely biased in our opinions. We aren’t afraid to be harsh critics of our favourite show, but our motto is: we criticise with love.

As you listen you’ll come to enjoy our regular segments and topics:

Episode Quiz.
Dick of the Week.
In defense of Chris Carter.
I agree with you but…
Scully Denial Box.
The Chris Carter Counterpoint.

Make sure you tune in each week to find out what they’re all about.

Plus we have giveaways, listener questions, interviews, and so much more!