Episode 115: My Struggle III

After tech issues burdening us, your favourite Australian X-Files podcast is back to tackle the season 11 premiere (for a second time)! We cover all the plot lines in this episode, from the new conspiracy to the old faces returning, and the controversy surrounding this ep. Tune in now!


We’re looking for a new team member!

Filed Under X is a podcast of 3 Aussie women talking about the X-Files episode by episode from start to finish and now I am looking to add another voice to the dynamic.

I am looking for someone who has a good knowledge of the show, preferably a long time fan, or someone who has rewatched it enough to remember episode plots and facts during a discussion. Ideally someone who is not a just shipper or where the MSR is not their main drive to watch the show, but someone who enjoys all aspects of it. Most importantly, someone who has a passion for talking about it, not afraid to critique – either positive or negatively.

If you don’t already subscribe to the show, give it a listen so you can get a feel of what we’re about and if you can see yourself fitting in.

An Australian or New Zealand fan would be great, but not a requirement. As long as you have an ability to work with crazy timezones and a dedication to commit yourself to recording every couple of weeks.

On the technical side, you will need:

– a fast internet connection.
– a decent sounding mircophone
– the ability to record yourself on a computer (a process I can guide you through).
– the ability to connect via skype.

We are heading into the back end of season 6 after season 11 airs and episodes from there will be divided among the co-hosts.

If you think you might be interested, great! Send a short recording of yourself (on your phone would be fine) telling me who you are, where you’re from and what you love about The X-Files and be creative!

Or if you have any further questions you can also send them to:



Applications of interest close January 31st 2018.